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Good morning Michelle,

Very many thanks for passing on this email contact list. Phil and I had a really great trip and we were all very lucky to share the experience with such a great group of people. It will be good to stay connected and possibly join together for another ride sometime in the future.

Thank you Michelle too for all of your patient guidance and assistance in getting us there especially in my situation which did require a little more co-ordination with relation to specific cranks and bike bits etc…All was greatly appreciated.

Please convey my sincere thanks too to Laurie and Natalie for providing such a fantastic possibility for novice riders like myself and Phil to be able to join in and experience riding on that magnificent French landscape. It was both the hardest and most beautiful riding I have ever done and I cannot wait to do it again.

We are grateful to your whole team for making this experience the memorable and magnificent time it was – heartfelt thanks to you all!!


The TDF may be well & truly over for 2012 but the memories of our fabulous week in Limoux with Bikestyle will always be ours to enjoy! Thank you to Phillipe,Arnaud,Alan and the lovely Sandra for really doing an amazing job of making our week so much fun! The rides were challenging for us at times but the scenery along the way was what really took our breath away! We also saw plenty of action of the TDF thanks largely to these guys who did their very best to make sure we were right amongst it! Thanks guys and Sandra!


Hi Lawrie,

A quick thanks to Natalie, yourself and of course the extended team on running another excellent Bikestyle trip to France. It has been six years since the first trip that Bruce and I took with you and I can honestly say I enjoyed this years tour as much as the first. I would also thank you for the extra mile in fitting out vans and providing lunch at a few places which was an unexpected surprise.


Nothing was too hard for our guides or driver…I mean nothing. Outstanding!


Interaction with the bikestyle team, other participants and criss crossing with the TDF itself. Had a great time and was challenged by the “”big hills””… now have a greater appreciation for the athletes who compete in the race. The extra big highlights for me were riding the Col de Tourmalet, riding the course into the Pau finish and the great laughs with the group along the way.


Having not been to Europe before, I enjoyed the stress free environment in which we were looked after. Every day bought about another highlight and it was just an amazing way to see the country.


The French provincial countryside, the rides, food, people and that I didn’t have to be concerned with anything but having a great time. The surprises organised by Laurie on the Col de Soulor and Port du Bales!


Apart from actually seeing the TdF live, I was most impressed with each of the Bikestyle staff members. It seems unfair to single any of them out, but Peter did a fantastic job and is very well suited to the role.
Lorian is an excellent tour guide and is right at home in any level of ride bunch.
I thought Vincent did an excellent job too – at times it must have been tough to maintain the language translation, but he managed superbly. Terry Peters is also extremely well-suited to the role he played, and went out of his way several times to assist me after my bike crash. In summary, I loved all of the staff – they were superb.
The location in Argeles was fantastic. Could not have picked a better spot to base ourselves for some serious riding.


Being in France at the TDF and also the opportunity to climb some of the famous TDF mountains. I thoroughly enjoyed my time away, the staff were all great fun and made the experience sensational. Our group was also a really nice friendly bunch, I went away with 20 new friends.
The trip has motivated me to get fitter and really get into my cycling, a great sport that can take you to all parts of the world.


Gael and I were the lucky winners of the free trip on the Tour de France 2007 and it’s been 3 weeks since we arrived back from France and have had time to reflect on our trip. First I have to thank you both for making us feel welcome and treating us the same as all the bike riders. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves watching the race, seeing France and enjoying the camaraderie of everyone involved. It’s a trip you think of doing but never get to do, apart from a visit to Paris, and we are glad for the opportunity to see the Tour and France in its magnificence. A warm thank you, and our best regards

John & Gael

I finally got a chance to get through some of my pictures from France over the weekend — some very good memories. I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again for making the trip so wonderful. You and your staff do a great job, and each trip I have taken has been a wonderful, lifetime experience as a result. Thank you again and I look forward to joining you another time at some point in the future.


Thank you for a wonderful experience. It certainly surpassed my expectations. Thea and I spent four days in Beaune afterwards and that was excellent also. We rode every day through some very pretty and interesting country. It was a great recommendation, thanks. We are both keen to return again next year so will eagerly watch your web site for details. Let us know if you have anything in advance.

Royce and Thea.

Finally I’m making time to write my thank you letter. Alpes to Paris was the trip of a life time for me. As soon as we actually rode on the actual route all the money, training, road bike, French tapes, & lugging a bike around the airport, was worth it. It was everything I imagined it would be. Luckily the rain, sweat and sunglasses covered my tears of joy. It probably helped that this was my first bike vacation and 26 years since I’ve been in France. But nevertheless, it was “perfect”. You & your staff were great. Even when we were kinda lost, we had no fear. We were well taken care of and looked after. Thus, please pass along that my favorite guides, Rob and Jay, are welcome to visit my husband and I in San Diego, should they ever travel here and need a place to stay or just a free beer. My husband’s always looking for new friends and would love to hear what I really did in France. Thanks again, I hope I get to do it again some day.

Barbara T-R

Lawrie thanks to you and Natalie and the team. I have watched the tour for many years on the TV and always wished I could actually see it live and now I have done it. Being able to ride over some of the course is also a huge bonus and makes the tour experience so much greater. To share it with such a pleasant group was also great as I know that not all groups work out like that.


A heartfelt thank you for a fantastic tour. I had a great time and I know my companions did as well. The fact that I enjoyed myself so much is probably because everything ran so smoothly from my perspective. I know of course that is due to all the hard work you guys put into the planning and everyday running of such a big logistical event. I have nothing but praise for Bikesyle tours and your great staff and I know everyone I spoke to on the tour would agree. Thanks again for a great trip and hope to run into you again.


Hi Lawrie and Crew, I would like to thank all of you for a great trip. I think you all did a wonderful job considering some days it must have been like herding cats for all of you, trying to get us organized and where we needed to be at the right time. I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would, had some great experiences and met some wonderful people. I kind of miss all the activity and being on the road. Thanks again for a great time. I do hope to do this again someday – but with some stronger legs.

Pat K

As I wrote to Natalie, as a non-rider, I think I had just about as much fun as the riders (maybe even more but that also could have been due to the excellent companions I had in Mark and James) and am very willing to craft a non-rider testimonial if you want. This was indeed a fabulous trip.


I want to thank you and your entire crew for an unforgettable experience.
Every aspect of the trip was terrific. Your relaxed manner and the attention to details was a nice combo. Please say HI to Stevo , Patrick, Terry and Natalie. I hope to see you next year. My only suggestion to improve the trip; Hire beautiful young French women to provide kisses and flowers at the end of each day.

Fred B

Thank you both & all of the Bikestyle crew for a great trip. Sharon & I enjoyed riding & seeing the crowds & excitement surrounding the race. I’ve recommended Bikestyle Tours if they decide to go. I posted a note on the forum with a link to some photos we took. I’ll upload them to your site when that’s available & look forward to seeing photos from other people.

Dave K

I have been meaning to email you to thank Bikestyle Tours for an incredibly rewarding and memorable experience. I had never done a bike trip or anything remotely similar, and my adventure surpassed all expectations. The trip was extraordinarily well organized and run (thanks to you – it was particularly impressive how you arranged for the rain to hold off until we had completed our rides!), but also accommodated much flexibility in timing, types and length of rides. The accommodations were good or better. All Bikestyle staff were thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, and – more importantly – exceptionally friendly and helpful. All in all, thank you for a wonderful experience.

Stevan S

Hi Lawrie,
Just wanted to say a big thanks to yourself, Natalie and all the team for the trip. I didn’t know what to expect, never been on a trip like this before but was pretty surprised at not only the enormity of the race but the way the tour was run. It was fantastic. After only cycling for a few years and starting to get a little more serious about it the trip has accelerated my love for the sport along with riding myself. I’m hooked I think!!
Once again it was a great trip and just wanted to thank you for making it something I’ll never forget.
Hopefully I’ll be back next year!!
Thanks again


Hi Lawrie and Natalie,
I just had to email both of you and thank you for the trip of a lifetime. I have been home for two weeks now and still cannot stop talking about it. I enjoyed every minute of it and must commend you both on your logistical skills and your taste in employees, both are beyond first rate! From the hotels and ride routes to the actual viewing of the race it has been nothing but the best. Your planning allowed us all to enjoy the finest France had to offer.
I would be remiss if I failed to point out some of the particulars. First, the pros you use to help guide the rides. These guys are fantastic! By coincidence I spent most of the time riding with Allan, Michael, and Patrick. Professional, courteous, helpful are not even close to the adjectives that describe these gentlemen. Great guys all around! They made the rides supremely enjoyable and were great at reading the maps and getting us to where we needed to be (although there were a few detours, but hey, who is complaining? We were riding in France for goodness sake!) The support staff was also first rate, from the mechanics (Gianni) to the rest (Terry and Darren are great guys). Special mention for Bridie also, she was great help and entertaining on the bus too!
I must say that the amount of riding was fantastic (and sometimes tiring!) and the time we had to ourselves to explore the towns and enjoys meals and the French culture was perfect.
Anyway, to wrap this up, I would like to say merci beaucoup to you all for making a highly anticipated trip all that I had wished for and more.

“Bud” O

Lawrie and Natalie,
I just wanted to say “Thank you for one of the greatest vacations I have ever taken!”
I am so lucky that I was able to fit into your trip at the last minute, as it was such a pleasure. You had the entire trip so well organized.
The itinerary nicely planned and well diversified. And, according to other groups that I ran into, we were doing far more challenging and interesting biking, while at the same time seeing much more than others. It was such a pleasure. I couldn’t say enough to compliment the staff whom I had most contact with, including John, Patrick, Allan, Bridie, and Craig; a wonderful group of people!
Thanks again, I am already thinking about next year!

Courtney S

Here it is almost 6 months since we joined the Burgundy and Alps tour and Dave and I are still are reliving the great times we had (and regaling our friends with the tales of our tour)! As a non-cyclist and tag-a-long spouse I really had no idea what to expect and never expected to have such a fabulous time! I would recommend that even the most avid cyclist spend a few days as a non-cyclist! This was a perfect mix of sight-seeing, wine tasting and, of course Tour watching. With only the three of us non-cyclists, it felt like we had our own private tour guide! The accomodations were A-1 as were the meals. It was lots of fun to meet up with the cyclists at the end of the day and share each other’s adventures. Yes, even us non-cyclists had exciting stories to tell! It was fascinating to watch all the different parts of the Tour – I had no idea what went on behind the scenes! You and your staff (Bob, Fred, Terry, and Adrian) were so welcoming and friendly. I loved to hear Fred’s insider’s stories about the Tour and watching Adrian manouver the bus through the narrow alleys and down twisty mountain roads (making for exciting drives)! I am usually keen to get home after holidays but this was one trip I did not want to stop! I can’t wait to join you again in the near future! Maybe a reunion tour?

Canada Betty

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