What Kurt Harmer said about his BIKE ROOM: "Crikey!!! Hi there Bikestyle fans,…

What Kurt Harmer said about his BIKE ROOM:
"Crikey!!! Hi there Bikestyle fans, Stevie ErrrWIN here! I hope you vote for me & me crazy croc AKA 'Crikey' on my bike room. I guess I should tell ya a bit about it!… Firstly, yes it IS my room (not a pic from a bike shop or a carport etc), it's actually the formal lounge, & yes the first room you see as you walk in the front door, this was only possible with the green light from my awesome wife (but more on her soon)! Second YES there are four 'Steadyrack' bike racks bolted to the walls of the formal lounge (awesome Aussie invention, spoke to the inventor top bloke) & Thirdly no, not ALL of the bikes are mine, ONE is a mates (but my other two are in my LBS), & a couple are my wife's but yes basically all mine. (nor the uni cycle, that's Crikey's hobbie, that one in particular has been bought for a 200km cancer Charity ride!!! Crikey indeed!) The signed Cadel Jersey's/shirt and authentic TDF signage were all gathered by me or Cikey either during last year's Bikestyle tour's TDF (which also got us our 10 seconds of fame on SBS 'One Sunday in Paris') or on the previous two tours that sneaky croc went on. GUYS, if you have ever thought of going to watch some of the TDF in real life Bikestyles are frikk'n awesome DO IT! & keep an eye out on the last stage or two for Crikey over there this year, & follow him on his Crikey Cadel page. Super big thanks to Crikey for helping me pretty it up a bit and a MASSIVE big ups to awesome wife and my late Mum for supporting this 'healthy' obsession!!!!! Oh Yeah, thanks to Cadel for the coffee's he got us & the bikestyles team last year before his ride! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!"

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